Moto Alarm Pandora Dx42


Moto Alarm Pandora Dx42


Security and service motor system Pandora Moto. The base unit of the system is housed in a waterproof case familiar to experts in Pandora DXL 4200, 4300, 4500 auto-moto-GSM alarm systems. Pandora Moto works with the D-010 keyfob (with special moto firmware) via the 868MHz radio channel, with the antenna and receiver the transmitter is integrated directly into the base alarm unit, which is common to all products of the modern Pandora DX series.

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At the same time, the range of the radio channel is not inferior to other products of the series, which means it is many times superior to all other products on the market.
A distinctive feature of this system is its very low power consumption. In full-function mode, the system consumes about 6 mA, and after a few hours of inactivity (time is programmed), the system switches to the mode of average economy (up to 4 mA) and maximum efficiency (up to 2 mA). But even in the maximum economy mode, the protection of motor vehicles is carried out not only by pressing the pedals, levers and handles, but also by an accelerometer that tracks strokes, inclinations and movement.

The use of automatically switching energy saving modes allows motor vehicles with batteries with a capacity of about 12 A / h to remain protected for up to three months without recharging the battery! With a battery capacity of about 30 A / h installed on modern ATVs, the protection period will be limited by self-discharge of the battery and can be up to one year. For comparison, most of the models of motorcycle alarms on the market will discharge the battery in a maximum of a week or two.

Pandora Moto can be easily installed on absolutely any motor vehicle, and is able to provide full security functionality without any preliminary settings, but if desired, the system can satisfy the most sophisticated users’ wishes.

A lithium emergency power battery is integrated into the Pandora Moto base alarm system, which will allow you to transmit an alarm over the air for several hours after turning off the main battery. And it makes the main battery disconnect event available to the owner immediately at the time of trying to disconnect the battery, and not after resuming power. Moreover, the siren can be turned off at the same time by preparing a “surprise” to the hijacker in the form of a hidden notice to the owner. The radius of reliable reception of an alarm notification, recall, is several hundred meters in a real urban development and in a real jamming environment of large cities.

In a set two magnetic reed switches, miniature wired lockout relay. The complete set of the system includes a sealed Pandora PS-330 piezo siren, specially developed by our engineers for use in motor vehicles. The low current consumption and very high sound pressure probably make it the most advanced piezo siren on the Car-Security market today.

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