Headlight for car headlights Philips H4 Vison + 30%


Headlight for car headlights Philips H4 Vison + 30%


Safety and confidence on the road
Visibility up to 30% better compared to a standard lamp
Vision lamps provide a longer beam of light than conventional lamps
Our lamps emit the most powerful directional light.

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We always offer only the best and most effective lighting solutions, because we know that one day, thanks to the quality of our lamas, it will be possible to save someone’s life.

Road safety depends on how well you are visible and how well you see others
Lighting is an essential prerequisite for safe driving and the main factor that really helps to avoid accidents. Philips aims to improve overall visibility and road light. In this way, we contribute to improving road safety and preventing accidents.

Philips – the choice of most leading car manufacturers
For over 100 years, Philips has remained a leader in automotive lighting by introducing technological innovations that later become the industry standard. Today, every second car in Europe and every third in the world is equipped with Philips lighting equipment.
For safety reasons, replace both headlight bulbs at the same time.
For symmetrical lighting, we strongly recommend changing these lamps in pairs

Wide range of 12V lamps for all applications
Where to use a 12V lamp? Philips Automotive solutions will satisfy all the needs of motorists: high beams, low beams, front fog lights, front and side direction indicators, rear direction indicators, brake lights, reverse lights, rear fog lights, license plate light, rear position / parking lights, interior lighting.

Philips car bulbs are made from high quality quartz glass
UV-resistant quartz glass has a higher strength (compared to refractory glass) and is highly resistant to temperature and vibration fluctuations, which eliminates the possibility of explosion. Philips quartz glass lamps (incandescent filament 2650 ºC and glass 800 ºC) can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. High pressure inside the bulb provides more powerful light.
Philips car lamps are highly moisture resistant
Only a quartz glass lamp (incandescent filament 2650 ° C, glass 800 ° C) can withstand sudden changes in temperature when turned on – for example, if a drop of cold water gets on a hot lamp if you pass through water with a damaged headlamp housing.

Award-winning automotive lamp manufacturer
Our lamps often receive awards from experts in the automotive industry.

Philips car lamps are highly resistant to UV radiation
Philips specially designed coating protects the headlights from harmful ultraviolet radiation, making Philips quartz glass an ideal choice for all driving conditions and guaranteeing its longevity.

We comply with ECE quality standards.
Philips produces best-in-class automotive products for the market for original auto parts and after-sales services. Products are made of high quality materials and meet the highest standards to ensure maximum safety and comfortable driving. All products undergo rigorous testing, monitoring and certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QSO 9000) in accordance with the highest ECE requirements. You can really be sure of the quality of the products.

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