Fuchs TITAN Supersyn 10W-60 1L synthetic oil


Fuchs TITAN Supersyn 10W-60 1L synthetic oil


Fuchs TITAN SUPERSYN 10W-60 is a high-viscosity synthetic engine oil of the highest quality in the TITAN SUPERSYN range for passenger cars.

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The product, made on the basis of the most modern technologies of base oils and additives, ensures the preservation of a reliable oil film and high pressure in the oil system, both during urban operation and in sports driving mode.

TITAN SUPERSYN 10W-60 is used for a number of gasoline and diesel engines of cars and light trucks, both atmospheric and turbocharged. When choosing a viscosity grade, the manufacturer’s instructions must be followed. TITAN SUPERSYN 10W-60 is recommended for some Alfa Romeo and BMW M-series models.

TITAN SUPERSYN 10W-60 can be mixed with other engine oils if necessary. However, to preserve specific properties this should be avoided.
TITAN SUPERSYN 10W-60 has good low temperature properties and provides fuel economy in winter, along with high thermal stability in summer.
TITAN SUPERSYN 10W-60 reduces friction and protects against wear through the formation of a durable oil film.
TITAN SUPERSYN 10W-60 is characterized by low volatility and oil consumption for burning, helps to maintain high pressure even at elevated temperatures.
Fuchs Recommendations:

ACEA A3 / B3
FIAT 9.55535-H3

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