Car lamps Philips RacingVision +150% H4


Car lamps Philips RacingVision +150% H4


Probably the most powerful halogen lamp allowed
Philips RacingVision Automotive Lamps are the perfect choice for extraordinary drivers. Excellent performance and up to 150% brighter light that provides faster response for safety and an excellent driving experience

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Improved visibility, faster response by increasing brightness up to 150%
When driving at night, maximum illumination of the road is required. The higher the range of quality lighting, the faster you can respond to changing situations. Philips RacingVision headlamps can improve visibility by up to 150% more brightness. You can recognize obstacles earlier than using less powerful halogen lamps. Embark on a pleasant and safe trip.

One of the brightest lamps for excellent lighting quality
Enhanced bright lamps will enhance the positive travel experience. Optimized and precise filament positioning, high-pressure gas up to 13 bar, special chrome plating and high-quality UV-resistant quartz glass – Philips RacingVision headlights open a new era in automotive lighting. They are designed for maximum visibility and guarantee unsurpassed quality for more comfortable, confident driving.

Bright light for sports enthusiasts
Drivers who are interested in automobile sports need cars with improved performance. Philips RacingVision certified bulbs emit up to 150% brighter light and provide a great driving experience both on the highway and in off-road conditions.

Bright lamps provide control over the situation, eliminating unpleasant surprises
When driving at high speed on dimly lit country roads, you must be sure of the characteristics of the headlights. In unforeseen emergencies, reaction speed is everything – even a split second can play a key role in safety. The improved light beam characteristics of Philips RacingVision lamps will help you earlier recognize a threat on the road and prevent it in any conditions, while maintaining excellent vehicle handling.

Improved light contrast for safe and exciting rides
When driving in the dark you have to maximize the use of vision. In low light conditions or when headlights blinded by other vehicles, the ability to distinguish the outlines of objects is significantly reduced, so it becomes much more difficult to notice an obstacle or a pedestrian on the road. The special color temperature of the Philips RacingVision headlamps (H4 and H7 models) allows the eyes to focus and perceive the shape better from a distance, which improves driving safety. When the limits of possibilities expand, night trips become even more enjoyable.

We comply with ECE quality standards.
Philips produces best-in-class products in the aftermarket and aftermarket markets. Products are made of high quality materials and meet the highest standards to ensure maximum safety and comfortable driving. All products undergo rigorous testing, monitoring and certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QSO 9000) to meet the stringent ECE requirements. You can really be sure of the quality of the products.

Permitted high-power automotive bulbs for low-light conditions
Driving in winter is no easy task. But enthusiastic motorists are not afraid of difficulties. In the harsh winter months, you need to know for sure that headlights can do their job. You adapt to winter conditions by installing winter tires – and you should be responsible for achieving the best visibility in the same way, as driving becomes more dangerous in the dark. Philips RacingVision headlamps offer enhanced handling in harsh environments, so you can enjoy your ride without the hassle.

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