Car Alarm Pandora 9X


Car Alarm Pandora 9X


Pandora DX-9x will appeal to the car owner with the convenient D-010 key fob with a modern design, a confident range of the 868 MHz radio path tested over the years of operation, and a concise indication of the vehicle status and security system on the OLED display.

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All functions of the Pandora DX-9x alarm system are available in the owner’s smartphone! An application running on Bluetooth allows you to: manage security modes; start and turn off the engine at a distance of several tens of meters, which in most cases is enough (you need further – the kit includes a key fob D-010). For the first time in two-way security systems without a GSM interface, the display of your smartphone displays: a complete history of events; intuitive schedule of automatic engine starts; operational adjustment of the sensitivity of shock / tilt / motion sensors and much more, which was rarely available even for premium segment systems, and is now present in a mass, inexpensive product.

The installation specialist will find this product simple and logical, since all the necessary programming can be done from a smartphone. Using saved configurations with the same type of installation can significantly reduce the time, and work will be reduced to connecting the required number of wires. For complex or custom installations, the system also supports working with the Pandora Alarm Studio professional program.

Pandora DX-9x, has a wide range of digital interfaces (2CAN / LIN / IMMO-KEY) and supports bypass technologies for a standard immobilizer, including unique start-up algorithms that only Pandora has: Mercedes with the FBS3 certification block; UAZ Patriot; all new Kia / Hyundai models, including the beginning of the 2000s; launch of BMW E-series cars with a pre-installed BMW-bypass module; and a huge list of other cars that you can see on the site loader.alarmtrade.ru. If we talk about the Germans, then only the Pandora solution allows you to save several tens of thousands of rubles “on the forehead” with incomparably higher functionality and quality of work.

The economical Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy interface built into the Pandora DX-9x allows you to significantly expand the capabilities of the budget system using our peripheral Bluetooth devices.

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