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About Us

Every car owner faced such a problem as the difficulty of acquiring the necessary parts for the car.

In case of urgent repair, it causes a lot of difficulties. Whether it is the inability to leave the place, the lack of parts in stores and services, and even dishonesty on the part of suppliers.

We faced all sorts of problems in this area, which gave us solid ground and good experience for creating a platform on which you are without any problems.

You can get the services you need.

Having made the order, you will be able to carry out repair work independently, or, with the help of our qualified specialists.

In any case, your car will receive a quality product that meets your expectations.

Zapp.uz - provides the comfort of buying and delivering goods in Uzbekistan, working with both individuals and legal entities.

 We are a one-stop shop and assistant for your car. Thank you for your choice and trust!

Sincerely, Zapp.uz team.

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